Black Gold and Silver Balloon Garland + Easel, Neon & Table Decor

Black Gold and Silver Balloon Garland + Easel, Neon & Table Decor

How was the event decorated?

The event was held at Aunty Kim's in trendy Collingwood. For the main balloon garland, a combination of silver and gold metallic orbs was used, along with matt black, gold, and grey balloons of various sizes. These were set on a gold mesh disk and complemented with a neon "Let's Party" sign.

What was at the entrance?

At the entrance to the venue, a smaller balloon garland was positioned on a natural wood easel display, featuring a black personalized acrylic disk.

How were the tables decorated?

The tables were adorned with balloon table pieces, featuring large transparent confetti spheres.

What about the birthday cake?

The birthday cake was placed on a gold cake table, adding an extra touch of elegance to the celebration.

Check out the final set up!

Watch the video below to see the stunning decorations and ambiance of this stellar birthday celebration:

Planning your next event?

If you are planning your next event and want to create a memorable atmosphere, consider incorporating unique balloon decorations like the ones showcased in this birthday celebration. Contact us today to discuss your event and let us help you make it truly special!

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