"Ballons La Musicale" Return to Melbourne in 2023

"Ballons La Musicale" Return to Melbourne in 2023

THE GRAND PIANO. Just the sight of it evokes emotion and nostalgia about a gone by era. The 1800's and the early years of the 20th century saw the enormous popularity of this beautiful musical instrument. One of our clients just so happened to have a modern day iteration of this grand instrument as the showpiece of their palatial home

Balloon Garland Royale Grand Piano Melbourne

in Toorak and requested that we add a bit of colour to it for to prepare for an at home birthday celebration.

We managed to make this beauty the visual centre piece of the evening by adorning it with a balloon waterfall and adding a few additional golden rain drops above. The sight of golden reflections on the dark polished wood of the piano was delightful!

If you happen to have a grand piano or any other object in Melbourne that you would like to spruce it up for your event or celebration please contact us!

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