Balloon Bouquets Delivered - The Three Magic Words

Balloon Bouquets Delivered - The Three Magic Words

Just three magic words - balloon bouquets delivered - is where it all began. When event decoration and styling, were effectively banned in Melbourne 🚫 by COVID related restrictions, balloon bouquets delivered, was what kept us busy during those unusual times. 

We pretty much pioneered the Balloon as a Gift (BAAG) category in Melbourne (you heard of SAAS but not BAAG!?). At our zenith we had three shifts of couriers collecting balloons every day of the week and delivering them to customers all across Melbourne. We delivered to quarantine hotels, outer Melbourne, neighbouring regional towns and literally every suburb of Melbourne. The BAAG category was booming during 2021 and only came off the boil as restrictions eased and our customers substituted our BAAG aka balloons for in-person activities. 

Btw we still offer balloons delivered across Melbourne 7 days a week including for same day orders. 

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