DIY Balloon Garland Kits - Expectations vs Reality

DIY Balloon Garland Kits - Expectations vs Reality

From time to time we have friends, family and clients who ask us to help them inflate and style a balloon garland from the kit that they have purchased on Amazon or eBay for $15.99 + shipping and handling.

For that we have a simple answer..."NO...thank you". Let me explain - when they saw that pretty picture of a rich, aesthetically arranged garland and paid their hard earned for it, only to open the box and find a bunch of loose balloons and a "balloon strip", they quickly realised that the value is not even in the balloons. They realised that they are likely to be out of their depth and it's not as easy as it looks. They realised that they need someone who is skilled at arranging the loose balloons into an aesthetically striking garland. However that someone is unlikely to work with the balloons used in the DIY kit. Professional balloon stylist use balloons brands such as Kallison and Qualtex that are not ordinarily found in DIY kits. There is a significant quality difference between the above named brands and the dried up garbage found in DIY kits. 

Apart from the work out for your your lungs 🫁 during the DIY inflation process there is not much value in these kits. The moral of this fable is - you get what you pay for. One day we intend to create a high quality DIY kit with more than a sprinkle of professional balloons, easy to understand institutions and a better balloon strip :-) Stay tuned for now :-)

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