Gender Reveal Balloon Fiasco

Gender Reveal Balloon Fiasco

I would like to share a gender reveal that will be part of the Fairytale Balloons legacy, when it comes to war stories and folk tales. 

All business will have nightmares or worst case scenarios imagined that they will do everything to avoid. 

When it comes to our gender reveal balloons I have had a few scary imagined scenarios such as - accidentally giving it away, the balloon popping ahead of time or the worst one - mixing up the gender results. 🫣 As most businesses we have strategies and tools in place to overcome these, such as triple checking everything beforehand, using best quality material and planning phone calls for these occasions 😁 Might sound little crazy, but once the results of the gender are passed to me I do treat them as top level national secret  until the family finds out. 

We were lucky enough to be chosen by this beautiful family to help out with the decorations at their wedding, first baby gender reveal and now their second, so we really value their trust in us. As they already were blessed with a boy I knew mum was really hoping for a girl. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 When I received the results of the second one being a boy I knew she would need to get used to the thought. 

For the second gender reveal the whole family were gathered for dinner, and before the balloon popping ceremony asked to guess which gender they thought it was. Almost everyone including the parents were in the  girl team. Hence everyone was surprised seeing all the blue pop out. 😁 They started accepting the result quite quickly and even thought of a name for the little brother.

Gender Reveal Balloon gone wrong fiasco Melbourne

The next day my dear client visited the doctor and was presented with two chromosomes results - girl. 🚺 Hearing this made me feel like my stomach fell to the ground as one of my nightmares had actualised. 😱 The next few moments were filled with questioning my own sanity, eyesight and attention to detail, until I dug up the original email from the clinic that stated - male. I was overcome by mixed feelings including a sense of relief as I realised the mistake wasn’t on our side, whilst feeling bad for the client as her moment of revealing it in front of her family didn't go to plan. The results sent to me were of the first child. Luckily mum was so happy it was a girl that I can’t really say her moment was taken away and what a story to tell! 🥰 

This just showed that even when everything is done within your control, accidents can still happen, which is just part of life.

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