Eureka Skydeck Level 89 Balloon Garland Neon Sign and Decor Birthday Celebration Melbourne

Balloons Fly Sky High at the Eureka SkyDeck

Eureka Skydeck Level 89 Balloon Decoration Event Styling Melbourne

Our balloons have never been this high - literally sky high at the Eureka Skydeck to decorate a grand birthday celebration as close to heaven as they come in Melbourne! It was certainly an experience for us and the guests! Our props and decorations had to travel up an ear popping 89 levels up on two high speed elevators. Luckily the balloons coped with the changes to the atmospheric pressure better than we did!

We wonder where will our balloons go next? Maybe a private plane? Stay tuned! 

Check out our Instagram vid from the day!

If you are interested in decorating your event at a new and unusual location please contact us to discuss!

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