The Sonic Virus Taking Over the Internet

The Sonic Virus Taking Over the Internet

Viral - a word that does not bring out the best emotions particularly in the post COVID Melbourne, but I am writing about a different kind of viral that we have not experienced before as a small Melbourne based business that funnily enough was born during the peak of COVID. 

As part of our experimentation with social media we have been playing around with Pinterest, a site that is more popular in the US and Latin America than down under. We have been posting our balloon garlands on Instagram and Pinterest and have experienced the power of social media trends with our Sonic the Hedgehog Garland that we have created for a client in Bentleigh, Victoria. This image, out of all of the ones we have posted on Pinterest has gone absolutely berserk and had some 60,000 people view it in one month and continues to rack up hits. Our next best pin had about 6,480 impressions during the same time interval. We have to wonder what drives these ever important algorithms to promote certain images over others and naturally wonder what's next. Our gut suggests that it may be PINK and start with a B. If you know how to crack the "viral" code - please contact us as we would love to learn more.

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