Taylor's Corporate Christmas Party

Taylor's Corporate Christmas Party

Taylor's Corporate Christmas party Eureka Tower 89 Melbourne Fairytale Balloons event stylingIt was a pleasure to be on top of the world (again) at the iconic Eureka Tower 89 to style the Taylor's corporate Christmas party!

From our perspective this event was slightly different as we had to outsource more elements that we usually would. Our client has requested that we print their logo in a larger font and higher definition than our in-house equipment could bear so we deferred this important detail to the expert at Event Signs who delivered a great result. As event planners and stylists we believe that it is important to acknowledge our own limitations and work collaboratively with other businesses that can deliver a better outcome for the client. Over our time in the industry we have developed an extensive network of partners that are specialists in their respective areas, so whether it's sign, neon, printing, prop hire or budgies and baby elephants we have it covered!

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